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Growing olives in changing climates and agricultural impacts

Dr Leanne Webb rounded corner imageIn the last 10 years climatic conditions in the Olive Industry have been challenging in many areas, to say the least. Australian Growers have had to withstand drought, floods, bushfires, strong winds and the list goes on….
BUT What changes are projected for the coming years? Is there another El Nino on the way? What are some of the likely impacts, both short term and long term, of climate variability and change?

Speaker: Dr Leanne Webb – CSIRO and University of Melbourne researcher


Dr Leanne Webb currently works with the University of Melbourne exploring the impacts of extreme temperatures on horticultural crops. Prior to this, Leanne worked for the climate projections team at CSIRO offering tailored climate projection data and services to climate change impact researchers and stakeholders. Leanne has published extensively in the field of climate change impacts and is a contributing author to the latest IPCC Working Group II report (Australia and New Zealand chapter).

Past doctoral research included an exploration of the potential impacts of climate change on the Australian wine industry with subsequent research focused on identifying adaptation options for this sector. Experience working in an industry setting as a viticulturist has proven highly instructive to Leanne’s approach in her wine industry related studies, and remains relevant in her current role.

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