Getting around South Australia your options are:  (Flights, Train, Bus & Taxi)

McLaren Vale is located about 40.4 klms from Adelaide, this trip is expected to take 48 mins by car or around 1.5 hours by Train and Bus.

If travelling by car here is the best recommendation courtesy of Google

Flights:  Here are the flight offer pages direct with each airline

Flights deals per your favourite website


TRAIN Routes & Stations


Train + bus from Adelaide to McLaren Vale

Take the train from Adelaide Train (Central) station to Zone A Seaford Interchange  (last stop run every 30 minutes). Once in Seaford Interchange take Public Transport Bus (751, 751W. 752) which leaves from Seaford Interchange Train Station the trip takes a total of around 1 hour and 30 mins.

Train and Bus Time-Tables:

Shuttle buses

  • Adelaide Airport Flyer:  Adelaide Airport to McLaren Vale… Cost approx $35 – $80 per person depending on number of people.  Australia wide call: 1300 856 444  or   +61 407 478 215.  To book visit:
  • Adelaide Transport:  Adelaide Airport to McLaren Vale… Call 08 8212 1861 To book visit:

Regional Taxi

  • 13CABS call: 13 22 27… Cost vary depending on number of people. (around $85) or visit
  • Adelaide Independent Taxi’s Call 132 211 or visit:
  • UBER – book and quote with app on your smart phone quotes (approx $109 – $144 direct to Serafino up to 4 people).

*** Prices quotes are estimates and correct at time of enquiry.  Please make your own enquiry and booking to get to and from event.

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