Dr. Greg O’Sullivan is the Managing Director of Australis Plants, a specialized olive and fruit tree nursery, based in the Toowoomba region.

He has been involved in the Olive Industry since 1996 when he began work as a research consultant with Olives Australia.  At the time Olives Australia was Australia’s largest olive nursery and was instrumental in pioneering the modern Australian Olive Industry.

Over the years, Greg has undertaken extensive olive tree variety research in Australia in association with Olives Australia and the Rural Industries Development Corporation (RIRDC).  He was the principle investigator in the RIRDC  project  Olive Variety Assessment for Subtropical Summer Rainfall Regions.

Through his work at Australis Plants, Greg works with a “mother stock collection” of more than 60 olive varieties which have been collected over the past 30 years, making his experience extensive when talking about olive varietal performance and selection.  Ultimately, varietal selection and performance are paramount to the success of your grove.  The collection represents some of the most productive varieties in Australia  that have been imported from Spain, Italy, Greece, USA, Israel, France, the former Yugoslavia, North Africa, Tunisia, and Chile.

Presentation:  Improving the Performance of Olive Trees  Through Grafting ( Top Working)