Learn the Advanced fundamentals of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Simple, no-nonsense, practical guidance to its style, quality and use.

optimized-shutterstock_453063997This comprehensive workshop follows on from the Basic Art of Stripaggio and is developed for the benefit of producers and marketers covering advanced areas of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Course overview:

  • Assess the positive and negative characteristics of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Know the typical descriptors of the major varieties grown in Australia
  • Understand the different legitimate olive oil styles, and be able to recognise good examples of each.
  • Use the 100 point international scoring system to rate the quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Know the accepted procedures used in Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competitions.

Presented by:  Richard Gawel and Paul Vossen

About the presenters:  With a combined 40 years of experience in olive oil, Richard and Paul have been senior or presiding judges in over 125 major International and National competitions including the Los Angeles, New York, and Japan Internationals and the Australian National. They both successfully trained olive oil tasting panels to the standard recognised by the International Olive Council in their respective countries of Australia and the US. Richard is a former lecturer in sensory science at the University of Adelaide and in Food and Wine Studies at Le Cordon Bleu, and currently is a research scientist working on taste active polyphenols. Paul has over 25 years international experience in advising on the production and sensory quality of extra virgin olive oil as part of the University of California extension service and has recently been awarded emeritus status by them for his work.

Location:  Serafino by the Lake Restaurant, 39 Kangarilla Road, McLaren Vale, SA

Time:  10th February 2017 starting at 9am till 4pm

Registration Fee:  

*  Basic Course $200 per person incl GST

*  Advanced Course  $235 per person inc GST  (If you have booked for the Basic Course, in Adelaide on 9th February 2017, you can book the Advanced course for only $140 per person inc GST.  One tasting glass for both courses will be provided).  Use promotion code – BOTHDAYS to access the discount.