signature-oysters-corporate-profile-1-638On 7th February 2017, Olive Industry ‘movers and shakers’ will come together to delve into the area of Marketing.  At the forefront of the Olive Exposium 17,  the ethos to making ideas happen  is a key area to realising strong growth and a viable Olive Industry.

Some new concepts are being presented to the Olive Industry for insight into the possible potential within your grove or marketing operations and we’re excited to introduce special guests Claire McAsh & Geoff Mun to tell their story about the successful collective marketing hub, Signature Oysters.

Claire McAsh
Geoff Mun

Claire and Geoff will take you through their journey of how they have taken a premium product, challenged, changed and ultimately re-defined how Oysters are sold in today’s Australian market.

Take insight and see more about:   Collective Marketing Hub that is Signature Oysters

If you are looking for new ways in which to realise growth within your business or methods for industry expansion, the Olive Exposium 2017 is a must event which you cannot afford to miss.  There are more great topics … coming soon!

So, what are you waiting for?  Jump on-line now and secure your ticket(s) at   Book now  


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