Dr Richard Gawel

Richard Gawel is a long-term appointee as head judge of over 70 national and international extra virgin olive oil competitions including the Australian National, and the Los Angeles and Tokyo Internationals. Richard trained and headed Australia’s first International Olive Council accredited panel. He was the inaugural lecturer in sensory science at the University of Adelaide, and later lectured in food and wine matching at the Le Cordon Bleu culinary school. He developed the current nationally recognised TAFE certificate level unit in olive oil assessment.

He has authored a number of peer-reviewed papers on the communication value of terms used in the sensory assessment, on the consistency of expert tasters in judging situations, and on the bitterness and pungency in olive oils. Currently, he is a full-time research scientist working on taste active polyphenols.

Presentation:  What Does the Chemistry Taste Like?

Extra Workshops:


Other information:  Slick Extra Virgin

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