Claire McAsh

Claire is the back room V8 engine to Signature Oysters. She is an experienced environmental scientist and civil designer in her professional life whilst also supporting the family business. Her brother Ewan discussed the concept of Signature Oysters from the very start. She recognised that the disruptive business model was going to further support the family farm in growing high-quality oysters for appreciative chefs and customers.

Claire was instrumental in setting up Signature Oysters and is passionate about its main aim – to support farmers deliver their best oysters to the best restaurants.



Geoff Mun

Finance and business process development is led by the more numbers-oriented Geoff. After spending 15 years in the midst of the financial services sector in Sydney and London, Geoff is now a business manager and entrepreneur. He is actively involved in a range of businesses from textiles to property to sustainable oyster farming.

Signature, for me, embodies a passion for quality, freshness, regional diversity, sustainability and Australian farmers. More people could use the opportunity to celebrate with our superb oysters.



Presentation:  Collective Marketing hub aims to sell the highest quality

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