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Clemente SNC, Matera, Italy

In 1963 , with the far-sighted intuition of Altamura Pasquale Clemente who decided to foster the extraordinary potential of its regions, and with the original foundations of a company starting with machining shops then known as Clemente.  Over time the company grew and thanks to the commitment and passion…  soon became the Industry leader.  The son Nunzio, inherited  the legacy  and continued, with renewed enthusiasm for the past  activities of his father  which was passed through another generation now realising the possibility to open up to the international market and have been doing so now for many years.

Clemente today is proud to be equipped with modern technologies and skills of qualified staff, attention to fine details are found in all stages of production.

The company was originally located in the industrial area of Altamura ( BA ) – ITALY , and moved to the new industrial area of Matera called ” La Martella”.

CLEMENTE & C. s.n.c. Designs and constructs :

  • Conveyor Belts
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Fruit receival – Storage systems
  • Leaf, branch removal and Washing systems
  • Internal Transport Systems
  • Crushing & Malaxing Systems
  • Grading machines for Table olives… and more….

The world-renowned and recognised reliability of machines and plants built puts CLEMENTE & C. s.n.c. at the forefront in the areas we specialise in and are able to meet all market requirements for commercial operations.  In addition, the considerable experience gained in the fields of storage, washing, transport, dosing and grinding of various products, combined with the availability of technical and qualified personnel for on-site assembly of complete plants, make CLEMENTE & C. Snc an influential partner.

CLEMENTE & C. s.n.c. operates with CE Certification compliance and is able to provide machines and systems in the following areas:

Oil mills, biscuit factories, bakeries, wine establishments, dairies, mills, canning, Pasta, Frozen Food, Sugar, Sausage, Agricultural Products, Citrus, farms, fruit and vegetables, Nurseries, Storage Cereal, Fodder, fertilisers, seeds, services and products for Agriculture, Agricultural Associations.

Offices and Workshop

Officine Meccaniche Clemente has immense strength in its engineering capability and is equipped with the best engineers and lastest technology in 3D design software to shape machines and streamline processes in projects and prototypes; which then flows into the workshop for the production phase.

The strategic element of the Officine Meccaniche Clemente was the choice of technologies and systems for the design and construction of machines, special equipment and prototypes.

Thanks to all this, today the Officine Meccaniche Clemente is the ideal partner to meet your every need.