peter_-_peatsPeter Wadewitz is the Managing Director of both Peats Soils & BiobiN® Technologies. Peter’s interest in mulch started over 40 years ago when he started collecting bark off cuts from timber yards on the weekends with his shovel and trailer.

The past …
Pete started supplying a landscaper, then 2 then 3 then so on. Then he started collecting compost and made the potting mix from his Dad’s nursery in Plympton. He would bag it up into clear bags. The name “Peats Soil” came about when one of the staff suggested that it had peat in it, and Pete made it so why don’t you call it Peats Soil? So Peter used to staple a piece of cardboard to the top of the bag and write “Peats Soil” across it.

Over the years…  From then, contracts with companies such as SA Plywoods came about to take their bark on a daily basis. An old screener was purchased so that bark could be screened on site, and the bagging of bark for the likes of Lasscocks and MF Hodge began. Then the Plympton nursery moved to Willunga where both soil and plants were sold. The Willunga depot then took all the paunche and manure/sludge from metro meats in Noarlunga, which led to composting and making all kinds of different soil mixes. In 1995 the family business went into receivership due to the recession, bad sales and bad weather. Peter & Liz Wadewitz bought the company back from the receiver and built the business back up to what it is today.

Today … We have 3 depots and compost all sorts of green organics, sludge, manures and green waste. Peats and BiobiN® are now expanding around the world with our Total Sustainability Technology which includes a large emphasis on organic renewable energy. We have over 75 staff, have our own fleet of trucks and are continually expanding. We have also installed two robotic baggers to help with increasing demand with another about to be installed in 2016.We are a proud South Australian company with a clear vision for the future that all humans in the world will live in a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

Presentation:  Improving Soil Structure and Health Through Compost


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