During the establishment of the fledging olive industry in the early 1990’s little information was available as to the performance of olive varieties amongst Australia’s diverse climatic conditions.  Hence, many varieties have been planted throughout the continent and not all have lived up to expectations.

Nowadays, there are still a significant number of trees in Australian olive groves that are underproductive and growers often ask how they can overcome this issue.

Top working trees in the field is a viable alternative to re-planting and can bring trees back into commercial production within a couple of years.

Dr Greg O’Sullivan will take you through some of the work he has been involved in with the Olive Industry.  In assisting growers to increase yields by re-working underperforming varieties and improving cross-pollination.

The outcome of this talk is to give you an overarching view of techniques and the pitfalls to some of the techniques.  This will give you an insight into what to look out for and thereby give you a much larger chance of success when implementing these techniques.

Presenter:  Dr Greg O’Sullivan, Australis Plants