‘Lore of the olive’
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Growers from Australia and overseas will unite for Australia’s largest event for the commercial industry and will encompass a plethora of accomplished speakers specialising in olives including Lyndey Milan, Food & Wine Luminary and Paul Vossen, professed International Olive Expert.


Growers have already expressed interest in the event as far as Turkey, Iran, New Zealand and Australia who are set to benefit from the extensive program, designed to steer the commercial industry to higher productivity.


The world-class Exposium is a must for growers and producers to get those answers and gain better commercial results in their grove, processing or marketing operations.


The Olive Exposium is to be held, during 26-27th November 2015, and will take place at Pitruzzello Estate located in the Sunbury region of Victoria.


Event organiser Amanda Bailey says “Event like these are paramount to address the many issues which face today’s grower and processor.  The tagline ‘lore of the olive’ symbolises the word ‘lore’ meaning “a body of traditions and knowledge on a subject or held by a particular group, typically passed from person to person by word of mouth”.   “We will be brought together to discuss the latest issues surrounding the industry and give practical ways you can progress your grove in any direction with the plethora of topics on offer” says Amanda Bailey, Managing Director of The Olive Centre & Event organiser.


Some of the topics to be covered include:  Growing olives in changing climates, Strategies to managing the top 5 olive pests and diseases, Understanding smoke point in olive oils and other cooking oils, Health claims, health benefits and how this relates to the food code, Exporting premium products and much more.


You can see more information at http://www.oliveexposium.com


About The Olive Centre
The Olive Centre specialises in supplying Equipment & machinery for the needs of olive growers in Australia and other major Olive Producing Countries.
As the one-stop-shop, our product range comprises of equipment that is proven and tested with olives. You can be assured all the hard work has been done to determine our product range through over 14 years of testing products in grove situations.
The Olive Centre is not just about equipment & machinery supply but are here to backup growers through technical advice and many free services that growers & processors rely upon.
See more information at:  www.theolivecentre.com


About Lyndey Milan

Australian food and wine luminary combines a thirst for life and a sense of fun with a love of good food and sparkling shiraz. A familiar face on television and in print, she has been instrumental in changing the way Australians think about food and wine for thirty years.

‘Hospitality of the table’ is her catchphrase, as evidenced by her numerous television appearances, nine best-selling books and countless culinary appearances over the years as she maintains her position at the forefront of Australian cuisine.
Lyndey is the host of the latest TV series ‘Taste of Australia’ which features Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Abundance.


About Paul Vossen


Paul Vossen has been a University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) – Farm Advisor in California since 1980.  His research has focused on efficient fruit harvest for small-scale growers, olive fruit fly control, organic cultural practices, comparison of different mill equipment types, comparing oil cultivars growing in different climatic regions of California, and the influence of tree irrigation on olive oil sensory qualities.  He also conducts olive pruning demonstrations every year and his on-line pruning video for olive trees has been one of the most visited sites on the UC-Sonoma webpage.  He coordinated 15 California Olive Oil Production Short Courses and taught 26 Olive Oil Sensory Evaluation Courses in the US and internationally to train producers, consumers, and marketers, about high quality olive oil.  He was a founder of the California Olive Oil Council, UC Davis Olive Center, and he developed the first olive oil taste panel in the USA to become recognized by the International Olive Oil Council.  He is currently the panel leader for the UCCE taste panel in Santa Rosa, CA.  He has been an olive oil judge and has trained other judges for several olive oil competitions all over the world. As a UC researcher and educator he has written several book chapters, peer reviewed scientific papers, newsletters, and popular press articles about olive oil production, processing, and sensory evaluation.  He also works as a private consultant helping producers all over the world make and market the best olive oil possible.  His hobbies are mountain biking, camping, and amateur wine making.  He currently lives in Santa Rosa, California


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